A beautiful surprise…

Volunteering in India

In class

You never really know what you’re going to find when you open your inbox. Among the surveys, spam and one-liners from dad, it’s always nice to hear from a client out of the blue.

I don’t remember everything I say during a reading, so it’s particularly nice when someone comes back and confirms that what you told them has since come true. I do remember sensing an extremely positive future for Lee when I did his reading, so it’s no surprise that he is doing so well.

Thank you for getting in touch.

Sunshine and Smiles, KJ x

Hi Kalie how are you? I hope you’re getting on ok and all is going well for you. Just wanted you to know your reading for Lee last was very accurate especially with the travelling.

He went to India beginning Jan for three months volunteering, and when he comes back he has two weeks here then he starts a new job starting in Shrewsbury then could be placed in Cornwall or Norfolk. So everything is on the up for Lee very Proud of him. Just thought you would like to hear that I have enclosed a couple pictures if that’s ok. Thanks xx

How to lose a loved one

I wish I could give you a simple answer. But, what I can give you is reassurance that life goes on…

Just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t around. When you pass, your spirit leaves your body; so it has to go somewhere? Some people like to call it heaven, but I don’t like to associate with religion. Let’s call it moving to another dimension. I like to think that when we get there we’re shown all the lessons we should have learnt in life, and everything we didn’t understand about life begins to make sense.

So how should you deal with losing a loved one? 


Losing someone special is one of the hardest challenges we face. We’ve all been through it and will continue to go through it, there’s no escaping death.

We all experience grief in different ways, some worse than others. Even mediums and spiritual people suffer from it, myself included. I remember the day that Tina died, it was the worst day of my life. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The shock of someone dying so suddenly can have strange effects on the body. I had the worst migraine I’ve ever had and no amount of pain killers would take it away. I felt so sick I was heaving in the street.  And of course I cried, from the moment I got the call.

Two years down the line I still miss her on a daily basis, and cry from time to time. The one thing I would say about grief is simply to feel it. If you weren’t supposed to be feeling a certain emotion then you wouldn’t be experiencing it. Loss can also teach you vast amounts about life, it taught me to be grateful for everyone and everything and never take anyone for granted, characterised by the tattoo on my arm.

I think it’s true when people say there are different stages of grief. I’m not sure that you ever really get over losing a loved one but it certainly gets easier over time, especially when you maintain a connection.

Establishing a connection

People tend to wonder why their loved one doesn’t give them a sign that they’re around but, the reality is that as human beings, we’re often far too caught up in our busy lives to notice them. Have you actually tried asking for a sign? It works both ways you know! Just like anything you need to work together to establish a connection. Talk to them in your head – no matter how silly that may sound – ask them to move something or switch the TV on perhaps, just try not to be too alarmed if / when they actually do! But don’t be disheartened if nothing happens, it can take a while, spirits do not measure time as we measure it.

If you’re not quite convinced, let me tell you a couple of stories…

The Organ

My mum had a reading with a Medium a couple of years ago, during the reading she was told that her dad was learning to play the organ in the spirit world – he had always loved organ music. She was also told that he would soon demonstrate his new skill via the television or radio.

One day my mum was driving down the mountain alone. She switched the radio on to one of the usual commercial stations expecting to hear chart songs, but it was playing a piece of organ music. The music went on for a few minutes, there was a brief silent pause then a voice that said ‘that was me playing the organ’. The station then returned to normal.

Moving Objects

As I said previously, when Tina died I went to pieces. I didn’t feel like doing anything, particularly socialising. One day my friend Amanda tried to cheer me up with a trial gym membership, which sounded like a good idea.

We were on the treadmill talking about Tina, I had two mobile phones perched securely in front of me near my feet. All of a sudden one of them slid down fast onto the treadmill. It was strange, but I smiled and thought to myself, Tina’s here. In my head I said to her ‘if that was you please move my other phone’. We carried on talking and walking then suddenly the most unexplainable thing happened, my other phone shot across the room so fast we didn’t even see it move, and it landed on the floor behind me. I knew I couldn’t have imaged it but I had to check that Amanda saw it too. It was amazing; there was simply no other explanation for it.

And that’s not the only thing Tina moved, around the same time I also began to notice that whenever I entered my bedroom, one of my incense sticks would be on the floor, which would always make me smile.

Some people may have noticed that I’ve been missing her a lot lately, and it seems she has too! Just last week I came in my bedroom to find my speaker sticking out in the middle of the room. I half dismissed it at first thinking I may somehow have moved it, but when it happened for the second time I knew exactly how it had got there. Once again I said in my head ‘if that was you Tina, please move the speaker again’. She didn’t do it straight away but sure enough the speaker moved again.

Have a reading

It’s not for everyone, but most people that have had a reading with a medium come out feeling comforted to know that their loved one is well and happy. Being able to connect with a friend or relative can be so special, especially when they tell you something that only you would have known. As long as you don’t become reliant on a medium I would suggest giving it a try, especially if you’re finding it hard to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Just because they have left the earth plane, it doesn’t mean you must forget about them and move on. It may not be possible to bring them back but it’s certainly possible to seek comfort in knowing that they are still around…

Sunshine and Smiles, KJ x

A natural high

When you think of getting high you tend to imagine a group of curious teenagers smoking joints in the park. I prefer the more natural approach.

At the risk of sounding like a complete fruit loop, which of course I can be at times, there is a way to achieve the same kind of high, all from connecting with the universe and understanding your true purpose.

The earth is currently going through a transitional period therefore we are all experiencing vast changes around us, some positive and some negative. Many people have been going through a hard time recently, including myself, but trust me everything will get better, I promise.

I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’m happy go lucky every minute of every day, but I do my best to stay positive as much as possible and keep spreading those waves of sunshine. After all, it feels so much better to be positive than negative, doesn’t it?

So what is a natural high? It’s the most amazing feeling you’ve ever encountered. It comes from a feeling of complete acceptance and gratitude, trusting and knowing that everything is just how it is meant to be, in this moment.

So how does one achieve this state of ecstasy? Excuse the pun. For me this feeling is usually triggered when I connect to spirit. Giving a message from a loved one that has passed truly is one of the most satisfying feelings you can experience, and I am blessed to be able to do so. I often attend my psychic development group feeling completely exhausted after a long day at work, not to mention the hour and a half journey home. But the minute someone says ‘yes, I can take that, I understood everything you just said’ I feel absolutely invigorated, on top of the world in fact.

So how do we regular folk achieve this natural high? I understand that the stresses of life make it hard to be positive and happy all the time, and if you’re still reading this then well done, you might just be ready to open your mind.

It all comes down to finding that inner peace and connecting with your higher self. Believe it or not, that nagging voice inside your head is not actually you. You are the silence behind the voice.

There are plenty of ways you can begin to enjoy pure happiness: I’ve outlined a few of these below to get you going.

Meditation – Forget all preconceived ideas you have of cross-legged hippies, mediation can be done however you feel comfortable. Sit up, lie down, meditate alone or in a group. Meditation is simply about finding that inner stillness. Close your eyes, relax and take slow deep breaths in and out. Be aware of your thoughts and let them go.

Gratitude – This is the very word I have tattooed on my arm. We spend so much time thinking about what we don’t have, try focussing on what you do have. Write a list of things you are grateful for, once you start you’ll be surprised about how much you have to be grateful for. I try to do this as often as possible.

Bond with nature – I’m not suggesting that you go hug a tree (not even I do that), but spending time in the great outdoors can do wonders for your state of mind. Find a quiet spot in the park or take a drive in the countryside, appreciate the beautiful sights that are all around us. And of course, If you do feel the urge to hug a tree, then be my guest.

Many clients that come to me are seeking more than just a reading, they’re looking for happiness. I am very pleased to be able to offer advice about life and to help them find that tiny bit of strength within. It’s very pleasing to see someone leave a reading feeling positive and uplifted during a very difficult period in their life.

If we each aim to inspire just one person, and that person inspires another, imagine the effect we can create.

Do whatever you can to feel connected to the universe, and once you find that natural high, never let it go…

Sunshine and Smiles, KJ x

I see dead people

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

Apart from the ‘things’ I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye which, so I’m told, are actually real, I’ve only ever seen one ghost. I don’t remember it clearly, but after hearing the story many times over the years, this is roughly how it went.

We were at my nan’s house playing on the floor, I was around 15 months old. We were all in the lounge me, mum, nan and my uncle when I turned towards the door and started saying ‘grandad’. Baring in mind I had never met my grandad as he died 3 years before I was born, I kept smiling and stretching my arms out towards him. Of course everyone else in the room was rather bewildered but, nevertheless, my uncle took me to the door, then out to the bottom of the stairs where I started laughing and putting my arms out – I wanted to go upstairs!

My uncle bravely picked me up and carried me up the stairs,  we went along the landing to my nan’s bedroom where I continued to laugh and point, this time at the dressing table mirror. It was clear that I could see my grandad in the mirror, whilst my uncle reassured me that there was no one there!

It’s funny how these things happen more frequently as a child, although he’s definitely still around, in fact just last week I was alone in my nan’s lounge when the lamp began to flicker then shake. Over the years we believe he has moved various pictures to mark birthdays and anniversaries. To this day I still get an eerie feeling when walking along the landing at my nan’s house and I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time until my grandad appears again…